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About Us

JTMi Services is all about supporting you to work anwhere, anytime.

We live in a mobile world

We may work at home more, but that doesn't mean that all our information, data and applications also have to be located at home. We show you how you can access your emails, photos, documents, files and more when you are not at home, so you can be just as productive.

Just because you have a laptop doesn't mean your information is 'elsewhere' and doesn't need to maintained. JTMi Services are professional IT consultants and support specialists to help you maintain your technology while you maintain your business. Let us:

  • Show you how you work between devices
  • Show you how you don't need to duplicate information to access it
  • Show you how you can save money through cloud services.

Our Services

We deliver professional services so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Cloud Services

Not sure what should go in the cloud? Our Consultants can guide you to the right services and right cloud providers to suit your needs.

Requirements Setting

We gather your requirements, so we can provide the best proposal for you

Technology Performance

We can conduct technology health checks so you get the best performance from your digital assets.

Technology Support

We can provide managed service packages to support your IT environment.

Strategy & Direction

Not sure how technologies can enable your business? Our Consultants can provide a path forward using digital technologies to help you be more productive at a lower cost.

Websites & Social

Need a new website or help with social media? We can make sure you have a great modern presentation and modern forms of communication.

Our Team

All our Consultants are IT professionals that have been in the industry for over 20 years.

James Morris

Senior Consultant

Tracey-Ann Morris

Senior Consultant

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Our office is in the historic west end of Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia but because we can work from anywhere, we can meet you anywhere!